Integrated POS for Commerce Enabling Solution

Integrated POS for Commerce Enabling Solution consists of Secure Android Platform based products, Payment Application, Key Injection, TMS/MDM and Gateway System.

XAC's Secure Android Platform based products provide the best in class Secure Android Operating System which does protect your applications and customer's account data, and also opens web standard API to access your cloud services.

It is very powerful that XAC's products are derived from the same verified and certified Secure Android Platform, customers can develop their Unified Applications to support different commerce use-cases which including Desktop, Handheld, CFU(Customer Facing Units), ECRPOS (Cashier), and Outdoor/Self-Service.

In addition, XAC also offers the following software and services to support the solution for customer's payment system.

XAC payment applications have been certified on the following platforms.
These are feature applications that can support both Contact and Contactless EMV.

US Certifications
        First Data - Omaha
        TSYS - Summit

UK Certifications
        Global Payments
XAC supports most of key management schemes defined for payment industry and our key injection room, process and facilities are PCI and GBIC certified.

We also support third party key injection facilities (Geobridge and Futurex..) that can be adopted in your existing key injection system.
With XAC SPPL protocol, Our TMS & MDM can support secure Parameter and Program download to manage both Android based POS terminal and the transaction terminals. Remote Key injection function is also available.
XAC payment gateway accepts/responses payment application transaction request/result and transfer the data through host protocol (ISO8583 and HTTP/HTTPS) to acquirer bank switch center.

It can support MS/IC/NFC Card Payment, QR Code Payment and Loyalty Program.