Commerce Enabling Solution

In order to fulfill the use cases of Omni-channel retailing, XAC is devoted to developing Commerce Enabling Solution which is composed of Commerce Enabling Devices, Commerce Enabling Platform to meet the requirements of variant use cases and also be able to lower the total cost and increase the customer satisfactions.

The Commerce Enabling Devices can support different commerce use-cases, including Desktop, Handheld, CFU(Customer Facing Units), ECRPOS (Cashier), and Outdoor/Self-Service. 

The Commerce Enabling Platform can support TMS 2.0 (MDM), RKL System, PCI SPoC Monitoring and Attestation System, Commerce Gateway System, Data warehousing and Event Analytics System, and Custom requirements.

The Commerce Enabling Devices are based on the validated and certified Secure Platform and optimize the hardware configurations to support different commerce use-cases which including Desktop, Handheld, CFU(Customer Facing Units), ECRPOS (Cashier), and Outdoor/Self-Service.

The devices certify with
 EMV contact/contactless L1, EMV kernel and all of major contactless payment schemes (PayPass, PayWave, DPAS, ExpressPay) and are also able to support customer's local payment schemes.

Besides, XAC can offer fully featured L3 Payment Applications which certify with US/UK major PSPs (US : First Data – Omaha, TSYS – Summit, Vantiv; UK : Barclaycard, Global Payments, Elavon).

Since the devices are derived from the same platform, it is very powerful that customers can develop their Unified Applications once and the applications can work in all of the devices which can save a lot of time and certification cost.
The Commerce Enabling Platform is the server less system on Google Cloud. The Applications built on Commerce Enabling Platform include

- Server less architecture
- Seamlessly integrated with XAC's Secure devices
- Ability to Support 3rd party vendor's device
- Multiple device OS Support: Android/Windows/Linux/WinCE
- Real time control of device HW/OS/APP to empower Cloud based Commerce Enabling System
- Supports Auto-configuration and Remote Diagnostics
- Customer Logo support
- Data Warehousing support for data mining
- PCI DSS Compliance

Remote Key Injection (RKI) System
- RKI System is a cloud based real-time key distribution host
- It leverages XCE platform to push key package to device for injection
- It works XAC’s terminals and RKLD to support RKI solution
- The RKI solution passed PCI P2PE 3.0 CA/KIF/RKI components and PCI PIN 3.1 certifications

PCI SPoC Monitoring and Attestation System
- Real time monitoring, heartbeat rate is programmable at ms interval
- Real time Event management/device control
- PCI SPoC Back-end System certifty

App Store

Commerce Gateway System

Data warehousing and Event Analytics System

Custom requirements: IoT control or Big Data or other Applications
- Deployment/Installation Efficiency

Remote Diagnosis: RMA handling efficiency
- Link with help desk => Real time defect analysis

- PCI PIN certify