Business Philosophy

XAC believes that it can only be as successful as the partners that trust our company to deliver high-quality commerce specific solutions. Join XAC, A Partner You Can Trust, and seize the opportunity to allow you to continue your personal and professional growth to achieve your life’s dreams.


Core Values


  • Attention to Detail and “Root Cause” Spirit

XAC is built on the foundation that quality work comes from attention to detail and a “root-cause analysis” spirit. Our team’s adoption of these core values is the key to conducting ourselves in a professional manner to create high-quality commerce specific solutions for our FINTECH partners.


  • Teamwork Spirit

XAC’s corporate goals can only be achieved thru teamwork. XAC’s strength comes from our team focusing on critical issues, working together to creatively problem-solve, and learning from our previous experiences to continuously improve our processes, systems, and products. XAC encourages all of its team members to offer suggestions and propose solutions in an open collegial atmosphere without fear of negative repercussions. 


  • Profit Sharing to Our Team Members and Shareholders

XAC’s shareholders and our team members are significant contributors to XAC’s success and will continue to benefit from its continuous growth. As a leading FINTECH company, XAC believes in providing our team members with a competitive compensation package, comprehensive benefits, and an employee profit sharing program.


  • Sustainable and Ever-Growing

Facing an ever-changing dynamic FINTECH marketplace, XAC’s core values provide an open-minded employee-focused management platform to foster a positive work environment that allows for continuous personal and professional growth and the sharing of the company’s success with its team members and shareholders forevermore. 




  •  ​​Professional Growth

 XAC’s management philosophy is to respect each team member’s competence profile and to encourage continuous professional growth. Everyone has different knowledge and skills to contribute to our company’s success XAC nurtures and encourages continuous growth thru different training programs for technical and non-technical team members.

  • Language Tuition Reimbursement

XAC is a global company and values being able to conduct business in different languages. All team members are encouraged to continuous improve their language skills specific to their function. XAC provides full tuition coverage for team members interested in acquiring new language skills. 


Employee Compensation


XAC offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits to retain its talent and recruit new now. XAC also motivates its team members by offering different bonus programs based on each individual’s contribution towards achieving key business goals. Based on XAC’s Business Philosophy, our different bonus programs reward team members for performance excellence that contributes to the success of XAC. Bonus payouts are based on profitability, employee contributions, and individual performance to achieve corporate goals.

  • Salary, Bonus, and Profit Sharing

In Taiwan, XAC offers an annual package including:

  • 14.5 month base salary
  • Bonus Programs
  • Profit Sharing
  • Other incentives


  • Employee Benefits

Employees are XAC’s most precious commodity. We provide several different benefit programs including:

  • Insurance (Taiwan only)
    • Prescribed Labor Insurance
    • National Health Insurance
    • Monthly Pension contributions
    • Group Insurance benefits for our employee and discounted insurance fees for their family members
      • Life
      • Accidental
      • Medical
      • Cancer
      • Occupational Hazard
  • Flexible Leave (Taiwan only)

We offer annual leave programs that are better than the Taiwan Labor Standard Law and allow for different leave options complying with XAC’s flexible leave policy so that our team members can have better work/life balance.




Join Us


XAC EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS= Knowledge + Attitude + Skills + Health= K.A.S.H

XAC treats its team members as valued partners in our mutual success. We provide a platform for talented employees to thrive and encourage everyone to look at opportunities to grow with us. If you want to contribute to a fast growing innovative financial technology company we want to speak to you.
Our talented employees didn’t join XAC to simply get a job, they joined us because they realize that our win-win strategy with our FINTECH partners and our positive work environment will help them grow professional and contribute to achieving their personal and financial goals. XAC is committed to the professional development and career growth of every team member and offer competitive packages and comprehensive benefits to ensure they realize their personal dreams.

JOIN OUR NETWORK today and start looking for great opportunities at XAC. We will keep you informed about upcoming events and career opportunities that match your interests and can help XAC in its continuous growth!


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