Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)


XAC believes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to be core factors for our success. At XAC, DEI is not only about respecting and appreciation of different genders, cultures, and ethnic groups, but also the celebration of differences in ideas, experiences, and identities. By establishing a company culture that embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, XAC is able to achieve excellence in all aspects.
XAC’s vision is to establish and maintain a culture that celebrates difference and diversity. We respect and aid our employees to achieve their personal goals and development.

XAC’s Core Values:

  1. Diversity: We understand that diversity is key to achieving greatness. We pursue diversity among our organization as well as among all our stakeholders. We cherish every individual’s uniqueness because it empowers XAC’s growth and prosperity.
  1. Equity: XAC is devoted to inspiring every individual’s potential and personal growth. We have been operating our organization equally, healthily and with high efficiency. We treat everyone equally and provide every employee with a clear career path.
  1. Inclusion: XAC embraces differences. We have created a culture that is founded on the sense of belonging, trust, and respect. Therefore, every individual is ensured the chance to grow and shine and is treated with equality.

XAC Policies:

Recruitment and Talent Management
We have been recruiting talent from all kinds of backgrounds, ethnic groups, gender, and self-identities. We ensure the recruitment process to be 100% based on fairness and a zero-prejudice policy. We give reasonable remuneration and promise a clear and smooth career path to every employee so that everyone can play to their strengths.


A Culture that features Diversity
We have established an environment that embraces and values all kinds of perspectives and cultural backgrounds. In 2023, the proportion of female executives in the XAC Global Group is 34.29%, which ensures representation at all levels. XAC values our employees’ families. 94% of working mothers take parental leaves.

Training and Education
Based on the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of Taiwan, we require all employees to be trained to prevent unlawful infringement in the performance of duties. This training is now part of the required courses for all newly recruited talent. In 2023, the training completion rate of new employees is 100%. XAC also organizes courses to promote health and personal care. We hire licensed nurses to provide on-site consultations to employees monthly.


Listening and Feedback
With regular labor-management meetings, employee care programs, and employee suggestion boxes, XAC collects employee opinions and feedback and continues to adjust and improve its policies based on everyone’s feedback.
At XAC, to ensure employees with different lifestyles can keep a work-life balance and be treated equally at work, employees have options to have flexible working hours and locations. XAC is devoted to ensuring a friendly workplace for women, such as providing mother-child friendly flexible working hours and private and comfortable breastfeeding space.
For care during pregnancy, to ensure the safety and wellness of employees during pregnancy, XAC arranges regular appointments with on-site doctors to check on their healthiness and wellbeing.
Promotion of social welfare, environmental protection actives and personal care
XAC’s welfare committee established 8 clubs in 2023. All are organized voluntarily by employees, and each club holds events and activities to promote and facilitate social welfare as well as improved personal wellness.